For Professionals

I offer a range of services for professionals. This includes short or long term professional supervision and the provision of training workshops of varying lengths.

Workshops for professionals that I offer are very well received and cover topics such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Working with Mindfulness and Emotions, and working with chronic pain.  I also consult regularly regarding complex assessments, trauma, and on aspects of Neuropsychology.

Schema Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in general are long term interests, and therapies in which I have considerable experience. I have supervised a number of experienced clinicians in these areas. 

Some Examples of Training Workshops for Professionals: These workshops typically range between one and three days, but have been as short as two hours

  • ACT – introductory and advanced workshops
  • Mindfulness – Introductory and advanced workshops on mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and Emotions- An introduction to integrating a mindfulness based approach into therapy
  • Opening to the Present: With Glenn Wallis Roshi – Mindfulness based training drawing on the techniques of Zen meditation – This is a multi day workshop which provides a practical introduction to mindfulness with the aim of not only deepening practitioners understanding of mindfulness, but giving them a good grounding in practice

The time I have allocated for providing supervision is limited, but if you are interested in the areas listed above, and think we might work well together please contact me.